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Invest and Profit in the big industrial paradigm shift. 

A new value to brands and their  supply chains – Bomler provides the “path of least resistance” to a qualified, connected supply chain.  It eliminates friction and provides transparency to all members of the supply chain, as well as the brand. A successfully marketed Bomler allows to collect and organize supply chain data even down to a single product.

Bomler makes for a more efficient (and profitable) supply chain, therefore  Bomler will be a profitable venture in and of itself. Adding the consumer (the Consumer APP) facing angle is icing on the cake because, for all intents and purposes, it monetizing the existing data asset via a different channel. It’s “Intel Inside” all over again.

The new Compliance Portal supports brands & retailers and any company within the supply chain, to manage the compliance of suppliers.

Why you should invest


High Value Product

Our product  is unique and presents a clear value proposition for its customers. Through trade secrets, potential patents and confirmed customer interest we want  to gain and maintain a significant market share.


High growth driven by proven abilities

We estimate a growth rate of 100% for several years, on a market that contains about 1M business entities across the globe. The people behind Bomler has proven their  ability to execute, by building business that today server 40+ brands and their suppliers around the world.


Large & Growing Market

Since we are connecting the brand and supply chain we access three markets with high values.

Supply  Chain Management
Market Size $13 Billion

Product Life Cycle Management  
Market Size $40 Billion

Textile and Fashion Industry
Turnover $2.5 Trillion


Profit Potential: 

Companies need to have a high profit margin and understand the costs of multi-tier distribution and all of the fully loaded costs.  After all is said and done, for a company to really grow we want to see a solid bottom line.



Our products highly scalable and  able to grow quickly while having increasing margins as the company grows. Our products where designed to scale as Bomler grows. 



We understand the importancy of an exit strategy while it play vital role returning capital to the investors. We are looking multiple bidding acquisition prospects, with high multiples of EBITDA or sales, and with a relatively short timeline, typically between three and five years.

How would we spend the money?

The funding is aimed help us reach our next fundable milestone.
We prefer investors who support this special iniciative!


Sales & Marketing

Continue to establish our sales & marketing network in all relevant regions, both on and offline. For this we have validated and solid strategy.


Complete the last mile of development

We just launched our first product but we want to complete our flagship product which is about 85% ready. 


Extend traction

We want execute our master plan, win strategical account, and significantly grow our user base.