The driving force, as well as creative spark for Bomler came from the founding partners of natific AG, Switzerland. Already in 2005 the partners began with a mission of improving the operating efficiency of the textile supply chain through the development and implementation of advanced technical solutions, utilizing their many years of experience within the textile and IT realms. The initial output was natific AG, an industry-first technology that enabled better color quality, faster product development times and significant cost reductions throughout the textile/apparel supply chain. This company and its continually evolving technology continues to lead the industry today.

Bomler is the latest innovative idea to come from the partners. Through their work leading natific AG, the partners realized the opportunity existed for yet another disruptive technical solution to simplify the sourcing process and bring full transparency to the supply chain, something as yet unattainable by most companies operating in this industry today. Beyond this visionary discovery, however, the pair recognized that a new team, with unique skills and experiences, would be needed to fully realize the potential of their idea. This team would be simultaneously focused on understanding the full workings of the supply chain, including 1st, 2nd and even 3rd tier suppliers, while developing user experiences that would be simple and easy to use.

This team around Bomler, although small in size, including the founders, developers, industry experts and sales marketing professionals is driven daily to develop and deliver this new platform that will revolutionize the global textile industry.


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