Our technology reshapes the value of consumers relationship, your chance to not only to meet the demand of the modern consumer - but exceed their expectations. 






Bomler uses the supply chain data from the brand-supplier application to enable brands to connect with consumers who want to look beyond price and see the value offered by the supply chain. Bomler functions offer consumers more information and interaction points that makes the shopping experience more valuable. A number of functions are available to our customers, which individually can be made accessible for consumers by simply turning them on or off.



Our functions can also be in integrated into e-commerce sites in order to provide an enriched and valuable shopping experience.

  • Create new value proposals (VIP, Reward Programs)

  •  Let the consumer use "awareness" information when shopping

  • Interlink with datasources, Facebook etc.



The functions can also be offered thru a website which provides access to more products information. The features can also be integrated into existing websites. Out technology can be customized and is built on common standards. 



Let the consumer see where the clothes were made.

Supplier  Info
Reveal information about suppliers.

Calculate CO2 footprint by product.


Distance travelled by Product
Summary of the distance the components of the product was shipped.

Set Geographical Proximity limit for products. Allow consumers to set a maximum area in which the product should be made.

Build a direct relationship with your consumers. Allow product feedback and beyond.


Let consumers rate your product.

Social Sharing
Consumers can share your product with in their social networks.

Build your own
Our platform allows customized development, so you tailor and integrate our technology any way you like.


Give the Consumer APP - the leading supply chain transparency  tool, a try. We are happy to offer brands and other suitable organizations, a free of charge trial for 30 days including 60 minutes training and introduction. This will give you full access to our product and allow you to experience it on your own. Click here to apply for the trial.


A research conducted by Stenden University for Bomler shows that consumers are looking for more transparency in. It was to understand how consumers use information when shopping and how they perceive transparency. More than 100 consumers from 15 different countries from age range 19 to 60 years old responded to the survey. Nearly all of the respondents would favour brands who are disclosing their supply chain. 9/10 are willing to pay 10-20% more for sustainably produced clothing. Based on research, it can be concluded that currently consumers have trouble to find sustainable brands and brands are struggling to communicate their sustainable production capabilities.

90% of consumers are willing to pay 10-20% more for sustainably produced clothing   

  84% of the consumers favour brands who are disclosing  their supply chains  

  25% fashion executives have seen IT capacity for value chain digitization as the key investment