Textile  Consult  Ltd - The prefered partner for the  UK & Ireland.

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Textile Consult Ltd, which is a significant and important step for Bomler and its expansion. Textile Consult represents to exact type of partner that can help clients to utilize the benefits the Bomler tools offers.

Both parties have identified that UK and Irish market is especially important given its position as a global fashion and textile hotspot where trends and innovation are created at a high pace. This market also has shown a growing affinity for working towards a sustainable, fair and efficient industry.  

Given the market profile, we are confident that clients will be excited the benefits of our Consumer Application, allows end to end transparency, the leading tool for brands who want transparency, supply chain insight. Textile Consult will make it possible to take advantage of a range of interesting features that add value to clients products while creating new marketing and branding opportunities.

With their long experience in across the textile industry,  Textile Consult will not only be able to help clients to get started but also help to improve and understand the benefits of our solutions. Moreover, it means that clients in this region will have a have partner that really understand their needs, given the impressive background and track record of Textile Consult.

Textile Consult can provide consulting and training to  Brands & Retailers, Factories, and partners. They have significant industry experience and knowledge which makes a trusted partner with numerous clients to whom they delivered a range of services.

Textile Consult Ltd website: